Our museums, monuments, and castles...


Visit some of the many modern museums our valley offers:

Discover History:
MAR - Museo archeologico regionale;
The museum and park dedicated to the megalithic remains at Saint-Martin-de-Corléans.

Explore the Landscape:
The “Museo delle Alpi” and the Sky Way on the Mont Blanc.

Learn about Tradictional life at:
Museo dell'artigianato, Petit monde, the Mulini of La Magdeleine, Maison Bruil, Maison des Anciens Remèdes and Maison Daynè.

You will be surrounded by the beautifully preserved architecture of ancient Rome, in the city of Aosta, with it's ancient walls, the Roman Theatre and the Pretorian Doors and in Donnas with it's Arch on the Gallian Road... or by the many medieval castles, that are one of the unique treasures of the Aosta Valley.

Visit the churches, the sanctuaries and cloisters.

Recently the old gold, copper, iron and silver mines of Brusson, Saint Marcel e La Thuile have been restored and opened to the public.


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